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Online Bank/Telegraphic Transfer - For JForex Accounts Only

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Important Note: JFOREX ACCOUNTS ONLY. Please ensure that you enter the correct bank account number for the currency you intend to deposit.

To Fund via the Dukascopy Bank

Bank Information Route de Pré-Bois 20, 1215 Geneva 15, Switzerland
Account Name/Beneficiary Forex Financial Services Pty Ltd
For AUD Deposits
Account Number 3100021.0201AUD
IBAN CH30 0884 3310 0021 0201 0
For USD Deposits
Account Number 3100021.0202USD
IBAN CH51 0884 3310 0021 0202 0
For GBP Deposits
Account Number 3100021.0203GBP
IBAN CH72 0884 3310 0021 0203 0
For EUR Deposits
Account Number 3100021.0204EUR
IBAN CH93 0884 3310 0021 0204 0
For CHF Deposits
Account Number 3100021.0206CHF
IBAN CH38 0884 3310 0021 0206 0

Please include your Forex FS trading account number (####) in the comments section of the wire transfer to accommodate identification of your funds.


There are no bank fees or charges for AUD transfers made between local financial institutions. However, transfers to and from international financial institutions may incur fees and charges, which are deducted from the transfer amount.

Forex FS accepts no responsibility for any such fees or charges.