MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Platform - Multiple Accounts - Forex FS

Mt4 on tablet and mobile phone MetaTrader 4, better known as MT4, is one of the most innovative and powerful trading platforms. It outperforms and stands out from competition. Features include:

Market execution allows clients to see at a glance where the market can be bought and sold (under normal market conditions). Forex FS is committed to ensuring you deal on the prices you see.

Complete technical analysis package includes more than 30 in-built indicators and charting tools, ability to create various custom indicators and ability to set different time periods (from minutes to months).

Fully automated trading eliminates the need to sit endlessly in front of the screen. MT4 Expert Advisors allow you to develop and use automated trading programs which will do the trading for you.

DISCLAIMER: Forex FS strives to provide clients with the best execution and competitive spreads available via direct market access . However, there may be times when market conditions (extreme volatility or volume) cause spreads to widen beyond our typical spreads - this market condition is known as a ‘fast market’. Fast market conditions may be caused by various factors including, but not limited to, news releases such as non-farm payroll numbers, order imbalances-significantly greater orders of one type (e.g., "buys") than another type (e.g., "sells"). Liquidity withdrawal is a common measure used by Liquidity Providers at or right before the moment of key data releases such as the USA NFP. In the event of a fast market, spreads will widen as the market ascertains the correct value of a currency and prices can gap - a price gap occurs when the price of a market jumps from its last bid/offer quote to a new quote, without ever trading at prices in between those quotes. For example, EURUSD could trade 1.3510/12 ahead of an economic data release or news event with the first quote following the event being 1.3060/80 if the data or news reflected such a shift in sentiment. In these instances, stop losses, entry orders and margin calls will be executed at the best price available after the gap given the underlying market liquidity. Customers may experience a delay in execution, re-quoted prices different to their requested trade price, or execution of orders at different levels depending on size and reflecting the underlying market liquidity. Fast market conditions can occur at any time but are most common during economic data releases or news events especially where liquidity is at a premium (for example national holidays) or after a week-end as the market reopens. Wider spreads during fast market conditions or a market gap can significantly decrease the equity on your account and can trigger a margin call or equity stop loss level (liquidation of the least profitable positions).