MT4 to JForex Bridge

mt4 Bridge The Bridge allows traders to copy trades from one or several MT4 accounts to one or several JForex accounts, using all the features of the MT4 MultiTerminal "PowerTradeCopier".

This tool is useful for both individual forex traders and money managers. Individual traders can use their MT4 expert advisors in the MT4 terminal and copy these trades accross to their JForex account while money managers can trade all MT4 and JForex accounts simultaneously.

Please use this link for a Forex FS client discount on the MT4 to JForex Bridge.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the MT4/JForex Client Bridge is a third party software tool and is distributed through third party sources. Forex FS only provides information on the existence and availability of this tool and does not participate in its development and testing. Forex FS does not assume any responsibility whatsoever with respect to the performance (or failure to perform) of this tool. As between Forex FS and the client, any use of this tool by the client will be at the client’s own risk.