What Is Automated Trading?

Gears Modern technologies allow us not only to trade in financial markets using personal computers but also to fully automate a trading system.

Using a computer program you can relieve yourself from the routine of analysing financial markets and performing trades.

Our MT4 Client Terminal has all the functions that allow you to develop, test and use your trading system. The development environment named MQL4 is integrated into the terminal. MQL4 consists of MetaEditor, Strategy Tester and Compiler.

Using these tools you can develop:

  • Expert Advisors - programs that allow you to fully automate both analysing and trading processes
  • Custom Indicators - applications similar to the embedded technical indicators that help you to analyse markets
  • Scripts - programs that automate single frequently repeated operations. For example, using a script you can close all positions with a single keystroke

It is rather easy to develop trading systems using the development environment of MQL4. In MetaEditor, you will find detailed help topics and assistance with the programming language.

Having developed your own trading system, you will be able to test it on historical data in the Strategy Tester.

This will allow you to evaluate your trading system's profitability, risk factor and stability in a quick and easy way.

Don't know how to code?

BJF Trading Group can create the code for an expert advisor that fits your needs as well as recommend additional extra features for your robot or indicator. Please email your request to coding@iticsoftware.com

DISCLAIMER: Please note Forex FS simply provides the information above on existence and availability of various software developers and does not participate in development or testing of trading software and does not assume any responsibility whatsoever with respect to performance (or failure to perform) of any software/EAs. As between Forex FS and the client, any use of trading robots/EAs by the client will be at the client’s own risk. Please note that past performance is no guarantee or reliable indication of future results.